Thursday, October 18, 2018

Breast augmentation recovery tips

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Every woman is different, in terms of the body’s response to healing from a breast augmentation. Variables of the procedure, such as the type of implants used, its size, and surgical techniques may also differ from doctors and patients. Since it is an invasive process, the recovery stage is very crucial in getting the most desirable results. Here are some tips that will aid a patient who has undergone a breast augmentation.

Wear your surgical bra as prescribed by your doctor. A surgical bra is meant to help your breasts heal well after the surgery. It will prevent scar tissue from forming, and it will hold your implants in the right position. It also helps your skin adjust to the new shape of your breasts. During the first three weeks post-operation, you will need to wear a bra with compression.

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Get enough rest and don’t rush yourself to be active again. Getting an ample amount of rest is critical for a proper recovery. Doctors will warn you that returning soon to work or doing strenuous tasks not only lengthen your healing process but could increase the risk of bleeding and edema.

Keep the pain medication close by. The first four days after the surgery will be the toughest, most painful period that could cause much discomfort. Your doctor will prescribe medication to help alleviate the pain and increase numbness so it will be easier for you. Put these meds next to your bed, so you don’t have to get up each time you need to take some. Make sure to take it on time and only take prescribed pain medication.

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